Crank Drill Press

A crank drill press is a tool one would use to drill hole through a variety of materials including wood, plastics, and metals. It's is used when one wants to make a precise and accurate hole in any of these different materials, which can not be achieved simply by attempting to use a hand held drill.

Attempting this sort of job without the correct tool will only end in one ruining the materials and having to start over again. The very accurate and useful hand crank drill press is a tool one must crank manually to work. It uses the circular motion created by the crank and then amplifies it to create a more powerful circular motion in the chuck of the drill.

The hand crank drill press is made up of a cranking handle, which when turned spins pinion gears on the main shaft of the press. There is a stationary handle at the other end of the main shaft that doesn't move when the chuck is turned. The bit one uses in this tool, will have the size of the whole you wish to create inscribed on the shaft making it easy to know which one to use.

Using this tool allows a person to make many accurate holes in two separate pieces of material, thus making it easy to join afterwards. If one tried to simply eye the holes with a drill, even of they measured it and marked it first, there is still a chance for human error; however, with a crank drill press this problem is solved.

In a few instances, the crank drill press has been replaced with non-manual presses; however, many people still chose to use the hand crank because it allows more control over the entire process, and because the tool will only go as fast as you decide.

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